C’s Weekly Chunk

This week’s chunk:

  • Fact: Taco Bell tastes better at 2am.
  • Recently I’ve been learning how to be fully present; to adore the place where I am right now and to not focus so much on wishing I could change the past or that I could control the future. For instance, right now I’m going into my senior year of college (how/why) and I’ve caught myself either wishing I could stay in school longer so I don’t miss out on anything or wishing I had a post-grad plan that made the thought of only one more year seem too long instead of too short.
  • Something I’m grateful for: friends who trust me to be a part of their big moments and to capture them well (like graduation photos and family portraits and big celebrations.) I now feel like an honorary member of so many families because I get to witness these milestones with them and it is my greatest joy. So thanks, friends!
  • My dad wrote a little note last week that said something like ‘busyness is not a badge of honor. Instead, it’s an excuse and a distraction that gets in the way of freedom to love others well and to step in when our friends need us most.’ I really like that.
  • Sinktalks are going on the air. Ever since my roommate, Erin, and I started living together three years ago, we’ve been having sinktalks–late-night conversations by our bathroom sinks. It’s when we catch up and tell stories and listen to old-school T-Swift music and discuss life’s greatest questions while we brush our teeth. Now, after 3 years, we are finally taking these talks to the big leagues. Stay tuned (HA radio puns) for when our show drops next fall. *air high-five*
  • Don’t be afraid to reach out to old friends. This past week I was thinking about some friends that I hadn’t talked to in ages for a variety of reasons, but mainly because we all just got wrapped up in our own lives. Finally, after lots of internal pep-talks, I reached out to say hey and thought “they’ll probably think I’m so weird and random” but instead, they responded with “oh my gosh, it’s so good to hear from you!” and THAT is why you should check on your friends–because people deserve to know others are thinking about them and that they care.

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