C’s Weekly Chunk

This week’s chunk:

  • I’m realizing I want to be the type of friend that throws around compliments like it’s confetti.
  • I’m considering starting a twitter account full of things that happen while I give boys haircuts out of my dorm room. Definitely open to suggestions.
  • Something I’m learning: I read about this idea of life flashlights–those people or things that give us some clarity and some direction, or that just bring a little joy into a weird time. So far, I think I have five flashlights: 1 that one friend who’s been in this spot before, who’s felt these emotions and can speak some truth into the dark corners where I tell myself lies. 2 those roadtrips and stories that make you laugh so hard, you aren’t making a sound. 3 James Bay and John Mayer music. 4 the wise advice that your best friend drops in your lap while sitting in your apartment hallway at 2am. 5 Ben & Jerry’s ice cream.
  • Guys, take good care of your camera equipment. As I’m reading online that the cost of repairing my camera is possibly equal to buying a new one (is this a joke?), my greatest piece of advice to all those photo junkies out there is to actually use your camera bag and not just put a sweater in a backpack and hope that keeps everything safe because THIS IS AN EXPENSIVE HOBBY. WHAT IN THE WORLD.
  • The other day, I got to have dinner with my whole family (which often feels and looks like a bunch of hillbillies coming into town) and when I hugged my grandfather goodbye, he looked at me and said in his grumbly old man voice, “Well this is the first hug I’ve gotten from you in my whole life.” Obviously,  he’s a flat-out liar and he’s the old tree that passed on the dramatics to my family, but the principle still exists. Hug ’em tight.

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