C’s Weekly Chunks

While talking to another writer friend the other day about blogs and photography and all kinds of trendy millennial things like that, I realized how often I shoot down and bottle up my thoughts and ideas because I don’t have the time or the creativity to fully develop them into full-length blogs.

In doing this, I haven’t been writing very frequently (which I hate) and have somehow allowed a little voice to creep into my head saying ‘nobody’s going to read that’ or ‘this isn’t even worth the effort.’

It’s true. I can’t just sit here every day and write, and you can’t sit here and read all those words. It’s just too much to take in; and honestly, sometimes the pressure to make a post elegant and lengthy takes away from the simplicity and authenticity of the story. And I’m not about that.

So in order to not fear the time commitment of blogging yet to create a space for all those random ideas, things I’ve learned, or funny thoughts, I’m gonna be sharing a weekly chunk, the meat and potatoes if you will, of my notes to make your Wednesday’s a little more spicy.

So stay tuned because the first installment will drop tomorrow!


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