Back At It

Oh gosh does it feel good to be back in this writing space again. For those who’ve been asking, I decided to take a brief hiatus from writing because I felt as though I was in a weird funk of only experiencing things in order to write about them later or to have the photos that would make my life look little more picture-perfect than it is. I needed a break to be with my pals after a semester abroad, so I took a hiatus and now I’m back. *crowd cheers*

Since coming back into the States, I’ve had some great time seeing friends, catching up with family, and just getting back into North Carolina life. (And let’s be honest–as soon as I’d landed on home turf, I was on my way to the Chick-fil-A drive thru and it had never tasted s’good as it did in that moment.)

But what I really loved about coming back was having a little downtime to process my semester in Chile; to look back at all my pictures and tell my aunt about that one time I ate llama meat in the desert rather than give the same programmed response about how my classes went last semester. With that came a few big-picture realizations about myself and although I could write for days about what I experienced and learned in Chile, I’m gonna keep it real brief for ya:

  1. There is nothing better than being reunited with your best friends (and making them cry in the middle of the street because they didn’t expect to see you.) In fact, I have never felt so smacked in the face by love until I got home. It was like I was the coach of the winning football team and everyone ran up and poured the whole cooler of Gatorade on me. Except the Gatorade was love. And it lasted for three weeks and not three seconds.
  2. Although it can be so easy to focus on being with someone who I love, I’ve learned it’s just as important to spend some time learning to be someone who I love. Chile gave me the space to get to know myself in a unique way. It brought out my strengths and weaknesses in a way I could’ve never expected, but turned me into a better friend and a better writer.
  3. Being and living and traveling in another country opened me up to the idea that when you make relationships with people in other parts of the world, anywhere can be your home and anyone can be your family.

And for those who don’t care about brevity and just want to see all the photos, I’ll work on posting a few of my favorites over the next few posts.


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