Day 73: Wednesday Thoughts

Recently I’ve learned that traveling is a simplified and glorified enigma. It’s seemingly on everyone’s bucket lists and it often determines how we choose to spend vacation time. It is a fantasy, a dream, and for a lucky few, a reality. Traveling has this incredible reputation of being one of the best things you could ever do with your life whether you’ve got a little cash stored up or not. It’s a college student’s pipe dream and the empty nesters’ third act; but wow, I’m learning it’s so much more.

I guess I was one of the kids with the same pipe dream until I was in the real thick of it all, doing a trip to Peru that consisted of 36 hours of bus-hopping one way. Yikes. I guess I always imagined traveling was ritzy and beautiful and glamorous, and even though it definitely can be all of those things, on a college student’s budget with a group of 8 people navigating around South America, it tends to be a little more complicated.

My time here so far has taught me that traveling is truly wild. Sometimes you go days without showering, you get a few solid sunburns, and sometimes your lotion explodes all of your backpack and clothes. It grabs you by the collar and pulls off your security blankets, forcing you to be ok with situations you hate or forcing you to talk to strangers who don’t speak your language, but it also gives you some of the best moments of your whole life. It’s messy and tough and expensive but when you’re standing in a place you’ve only ever seen on Pinterest, it’s almost too good to be true, and for that, I couldn’t be more grateful to get to be a part of the messy, gross moments because they make the story that much better.


Ps- Peru pictures coming your way soon


One thought on “Day 73: Wednesday Thoughts

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