Abbey asked me the other day if we could go to this flower field she found and grab some sweet pics. Of course my little heart almost burst with excitement and we eventually found a free Sunday afternoon when the weather was perfect (#blessed). Later, I was sitting in my editing cave practically screaming with excitement when I figured out how to create that golden glow that makes these pictures so enchanting. Joy was seeping out of my pores and even though I was going to be late to class, I was completely engaged in this process of post-production artwork.

A friend of mine asked me last night why I even got into this world of photography and I said I jumped in because photography is one of few hobbies where it’s not about what all you know, but how you can apply it. It’s about your passion for being better and learning and creating something new and I dig that kind of stuff. It makes me feel alive and excited for what I do and I feel like people need to find that more frequently.


So often, college students (and pretty much everyone else in the world) is told to find a job that sets them up for an easy life or makes the world better or will be a building block for a career, and while all that is completely true and great advice, maybe we should just do what makes us feel ALIVE and significant and essential in some way.

If we made any small or big steps to better ourselves and did something meaningful, wouldn’t that be making the world better? I love my job. It makes me think differently and gives me the opportunity to create images and make ordinary things seem beautiful, and although this career may not set me up for a life of luxury, I know I’m doing something worth my time, and that gives me excitement for what is to come.

If we try to do what we love and improve our world by improving ourselves and those around us–doing what we love and loving what we do–maybe all those career building blocks and world-changing decisions will fall into place soon after.

Just a thought for a Wednesday from a college student who is editing pictures rather than studying for finals. Send prayer. And cookies.



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