Will + Kayla

If there’s anything I’ve learned as a photographer, it’s that snow is truly my favorite. It casts the perfect light, makes everyone look airbrushed, and cuts down on the harsh shadows that frequently plague portraits taken in the middle of the day. I explained this to Kayla one night and since then, we’ve both been waiting for this winter storm to hit the east coast, excited to see if the snow would stick around. We planned for this day, which for me meant deleting all the junk I had cluttering up my memory cards and for Kayla it meant trying to convince Will this was a great idea.

We headed up into woods, laughing at how our boots sunk into the crunchy ice with each step. Every direction and suggestion I gave created nonstop laughter that echoed down the hill, most of which was coming from me.

We played some old Frank Sinatra and I watched these two snicker at each other and laugh at themselves, feeling how new this was for both of them.

Yeah, snow is still my favorite, but having friends who make uncomfortably new things so exciting is definitely a close second.



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