A Day with Rachel and Caroline

Last week I sent a message to a huge group of girls, asking if any of them were interested in hanging out with me and shooting some pictures. I only got responses from my sweet friends, Caroline and Rachel, who showed up on this cloudy, kinda gross day ready for anything and everything. Rachel said we could go to her barn, which ended up being so beautiful I couldn’t even stand it and spent hours running around in fields with a small pack of horses chasing us (I can’t tell if that was one of my greatest dreams or most terrifying nightmares) and laughing at how uncomfortable taking pictures can be.

Even though the day didn’t meet the expectations I had when I messaged a small army of friends, and when the clouds decided to settle right over North Carolina, I learned that the best things can come from the makeshift days. Here are some of my favorite pictures. (Can we have a moment of silence for how freaking magical that horse is and how beautiful these friends of mine are!)DSC_0581








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