A Heck-Yeah Wednesday

I might’ve woken up a few minutes late, but today was a kick-butt, heck-yeah Wednesday. I ran out the door for my first class and was happy to find so many familiar faces in an unfamiliar class. The little peanut who introduced himself as our professor seemed to be a nice lil guy, thank goodness. His quirky, Ross-Geller-like behavior is sure to keep things interesting. I’ll keep you updated on that matter. Next I ran to my 10:40 journalism class thinking it started at 10:15 and had the pleasure of wiping my sweat when I learned the truth. Although this was not the kick-butt part of the day, my journalism professor brought a candy bucket to class and talked about how his career has centered around “fake it ’til you make it”, so he is currently my favorite.
After a Spanish class that reminded me of all my linguistic insecurities and likely convinced my professor I have no prior experience with the language, I headed to lunch and met with my sweet friend, Kayla, who spoke some mad truth and got excited with me and reminded me to start pursuing Jesus even when it requires more from me than I would like to give. Our quick lunch turned into a drawn-out conversation that I needed seemingly more than oxygen. This Wednesday was heck-yeah because it was a constant reminder of how dependent I need to be on Him, even when I feel like I have this whole “life” thing under control. Today I was reminded to value friends who aren’t afraid to drop truth over lunch and to run to Him like you’re gonna be late to your next class. Gosh today was so cool, guys.


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