Digging up Joy: Dealing with Adventure Withdrawal

This week I found myself spinning around the kitchen with a paintbrush in one hand, a banana sandwich in the other, and my puppy nipping at my heels. I listened to every John Mayer album Spotify has to offer and watched the rain pour down on the desert that North Carolina has become. I’ve done this for three days- painting all afternoon in my pajamas and expanding my collection of music, something very mundane compared to the majority of my summer.
For the last few months, I’ve been living out of a suitcase, jumping from one plane to another, juggling cameras and suitcases, and trying to not look like a tourist. At the end of all the trips, I was left with three weeks at home with no plans, no itineraries, and nothing but my stacks of pictures to help me through this withdrawal.
I thought these weeks would drag on as they lacked the daily adrenaline I experienced in Colorado, the mountain views in Wyoming, and the constant entertainment at camp in Georgia; however, these last three weeks have taught me to dig up joy and how to meet my adventure addiction detox head-on.
So today, instead of moping around the house and eating bottomless bowls of cereal, I think I’ll work on a new painting and enjoy the fleeting time I have with my puppy and John Mayer, of course. (Because preparing for moving back to school just isn’t on my list of priorities right now.)

As it turns out, adventurous joy can be found in the mundane; you just have to dig it up.


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