My Guide To The West

I’m dusting the cobwebs off this blog because DANG it’s been forever since I got to write. This summer has been one of my craziest yet. With back to back trips, very little downtime between travel, and lots of learning, I’ve barely had the chance to write as often as I always have. Over the past few weeks I’ve felt terrible because I feel as though my sketch pads and notebooks have been neglected; however now that I’ve been given the gift of some free time, I realize how grateful I am to have been so busy doing amazing things and traveling, even if it meant some extended breaks from writing.
I’ve done my somewhat best to keep my traveling archived here, so here’s the latest entry: I just got back from 7 days in the promise land of Wyoming with 13 family members. Now I’m not going to spoil the magic of traveling out west or elaborate on every detail of the trip because nobody likes hearing about a great experience that someone else had (it gives me the worst FOMO you could imagine), so instead I’ll give you the highlight reel accompanied by some visual aids.




Yellowstone: a must-see. If you’re looking for untouched, wilderness-y paradise, this is where you go. There are some buffaloes and bears on the side of the road, and if you’re lucky, a moose. Waterfalls, hot springs, large amounts of Asian tourists: you name it, they got it.




Grand Teton Mountains: great for driving through open land and encountering really random, yet beautiful things (Jenny Lake being my personal favorite.) Also a prime spot for your GPS to fail you and leave you hoping you turned at Moose Junction and not Antelope Junction.




Jackson Hole, WY: where you will again encounter the mass amounts of Asian tourists. This perfect little town can be described as an eclectic combination of mountain gear stores, leather shops, potentially the world’s largest collection of stuffed wildlife, and that one ice cream store that is AMAZING.


We also went to some random ranch where we rode horses up the side of a mountain, which was so fun it might’ve been life-changing. This is a priority for anybody going out west. Seriously. (My horse’s name was Chunky and I quickly learned why.)


And finally, but certainly not least, we went to The Big Spud, a drive-in movie theater in the quaint town of Driggs, Idaho. It might’ve not involved seeing a buffalo or waterfalls, but it was the first time we all just sat still, listening to the crickets, and watching the sun go down (while also watching a movie about emotions that made me emotional).

This trip was perfect. I got 7 days in the *somewhat* wilderness with my family, doing nothing but admiring God’s sweet projects I’d never seen before. Wyoming, you didn’t let me down one bit. (Neither did you, Idaho.)




One thought on “My Guide To The West

  1. Geri

    Thanks for sharing your cool, awesome, adventures in the wild, wild west!!! I bet it was great with the family, what a treasure of memories!!!:)

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