Laughing With Me: Summer Camp, Being Peter, And Everything Else

2015/07/img_7637.jpgRemember when I wrote about getting out of the boat? It was a few weeks ago (how have I not been writing for weeks) and I talked about how we should try to be like Peter when he got out of the boat during the storm and walked toward Jesus with a heck of a lot of faith.

Well this past week I got to step out of the boat (again.)

I went to summer camp as a leader for 16 girls, 4 of whom I’d met about 2 months ago. I barely knew any of their names, I’d never been to this camp before, I was leading with another leader I’d barely spent five minutes with prior to getting on the bus, and I really had no idea what I was doing. I was a balanced mixture of excitement and anxiety and I felt like stepping onto that bus full of strangers was my way of dangling my feet over the side of the boat during that storm.


Seven hours later, I had to step out of the boat, regardless of how unprepared I was, and I got to spend seven days getting to know these girls individually and loving every minute of it. We jumped off rope swings and ran around trying to control how much our ice cream cones were melting, dug into the sand during beach volleyball, and square-danced the nights away. They drew me into their lives and loved me well, even when they smothered me with whip cream and mud.


This week I was ten miles outside of my comfort zone, surrounded by and living with girls I didn’t know, but gosh I’m so glad I got to go this week. Some of them have had to be adults their whole life and some of them have never experienced a week of surprises like this before. Basically I got a first-class ticket to see lives go from darkness to light and watch these beautiful girls get to be kids for the first time.


Stepping out of the boat was worth every step, even when I thought I was going to fall (which I definitely did several times) because even when I felt my feet sinking below the surface, His hand was there to grab me, pull me back up, and laugh with me at how I got distracted by the waves. I believe Jesus is the kind of person to laugh with me, and not at me when I fall a bit (and thank goodness for that.)



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