Elevation 12,126ft

As promised, here is another piece to the ongoing highlight reel of this month. For those of you just now jumping in, I’m currently working as a photographer in Colorado at Trail West Lodge, a Young Life camp (eek!) and every single day is incredible. I get up before the sun and go to bed wearing my clothes for the next day so I don’t waste any time getting to work. (No seriously, I sleep in my jeans. Sometimes my name tag.)

Two days ago, after we’d detoxed the whole camp for the new guests, our staff coordinator told us to wear layers and boots and to get on the bus because we were going sledding down the ridge of the Continental Divide. If you know me, you know I felt like I was going to pass out from excitement.

The bus snaked back and forth up the mountain as the trees started to thin and our breath started to fog up the glass as we were all hanging out the windows to get a better look. When we got to the top, we parked our chunky yellow bus and bundled up with no idea what to expect.

And then somebody grabbed a sled and down they went, triggering a domino effect of people throwing themselves down the hill, hoping they didn’t get stuck in a snow ditch.

IMG_0227IMG_0240 IMG_0317 IMG_0325 IMG_0021 IMG_0071 IMG_0089 IMG_9985 IMG_9955 IMG_0136 IMG_0219IMG_0252

It was magical and exciting and pretty much my dream come true. I could see every mountain from here to the Pacifc (or so it seemed) and I spent that moment with some of the weirdest and funniest people I know.

That day I learned 1) I need to find some waterproof pants 2) you can use a rain jacket as a sled and 3) I learned how to hand the camera off to someone and jump on the back of a sled; how to be the participant rather than the observer.

(PS- in that last photo, it looks like Sam is intentionally photo-bombing when in reality, he was in waist-deep snow and couldn’t move.)


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