Week 1 Complete

It’s been two weeks since my last story here, which is a new record in a bad way. The reason I’ve been *accidentally* slacking is because I’ve been in Colorado working at a Young Life family camp as a photographer (remember I told you?) Essentially my job is to be the “mom photographer” so these families can be fully engaged without the parents worrying about trying to grab pictures of their kiddos. I spend my days (and really early mornings) running around with families, watching them ride horses and face their fears on the ropes course, while trying to capture it all.

I’m currently sitting in the editing suite (which is a fancy term for “nerd cave”). All the pictures have been edited, sorted, and given away and I’m gearing up for this fresh group of families expected to roll in this afternoon. I have an incredible role in each week and I couldn’t be more grateful, but so far this experience has been the best because of the people I’ve met.

I spend my days with James, the video intern for the camp, who lets me be a dork and lets me laugh at things that aren’t funny. He prays over everything we do and puts Jesus before any pictures are taken or edited. I’ve met Kristina, who thinks I’m funny and joins me in grumpiness when we have to scrub toilets and fold sheets into hospital-corners. She makes me laugh and makes me want to seek Jesus the way she does. I’ve met Ruby, who gets up earlier than us all to get the horses ready for morning rides. She’s a jack of all trades and wears overalls with me. I’ve met Emores, who preps the french toast at every wrangler breakfast and tosses slices to the kids, who catch them on their plates. He can be friends with anyone and makes me feel like family. These are only a few of the dozens of strangers I now call friends, who I spend every day with, working our tails off and loving it.

This week has taught me a lot about myself as a photographer, as a friend, as a non-morning-person-turned-morning-person, and as a Young Life leader. I’ve gotten to drive Colorado dirt roads with James and feed chipmunks with awesome families, watch the sun creep over the mountain each morning, drive a nasty old truck full of kiddos down rocky roads, climb cliffs to get shots of whitewater rafts coming down the river, and become a part of these families in some small way. It’s been fantastic and I get to do it three more times! I have to go put on my best western gear before the families roll into camp, but before I go, here are some of my favorite moments from this week:



Rafting-8935 Rafting-9019






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