To Taylor and Jarred: A Note of Admiration


To Taylor and Jarred, a note of admiration,

Tonight I am overwhelmed by your love in many ways.
I was sitting in my seat, watching as the sun started to slowly fall in the sky and couldn’t help but just smile at how this evening had turned out. As I sat there, trying not to get too caught up in nervous excitement, and trying to keep my energy levels to a socially acceptable level, I watched as this May evening turned into your very own Christmas morning.
I watched you walk down that aisle, holding back tears and laughter at the same time, knowing every minute of anxiety and stress and preparation was worth it for this moment; this fleeting, yet overwhelming moment. I watched you, some of my dearest friends, bind your hearts to one another, make some pretty big promises, and I watched God’s love pour down on you both in a nearly tangible way. It was breathtaking, and even though I could hardly see your expressions, I still had to try to restrain myself from jumping up there and hugging you both. (Honestly, I probably needed to be sedated.)

I wasn’t a bridesmaid or anything, but here’s my toast to you, the Cline’s: (eek!)

Your love for each other and your love for those around you is done well. You both live intentionally, pushing yourselves to be better and to make each other better, especially when that push is toward Jesus. You were and always are surrounded by family and friends who not only love you, but have been loved by you, each in a different way. For me, you have loved me as one of your Young Life kids, and although I may still have that title in your mind, you have become some of my closest friends. Tonight I watched as a huge swarm of people all celebrated with you, each with their own connection to you both, and just felt grateful to be considered a member of such a crazy awesome group of people.

After tonight, all I can hope is that when I find my forever-dance-partner, people will be able to talk about our love for each other and those around us in the same way that they talked about you both tonight, full of genuine adoration and gratefulness. I also pray that my wedding and marriage will be as filled with radical kindness, generosity, and straight classiness as yours was. (I also hope that my wedding includes as many talented, hilarious dancers as yours did.)
So this is me, throwing all the love I have toward you. Can you feel it? I’m excited for ya, Taylor and Jarred. You guys love Jesus so ferociously and I’m glad you’ve decided to date forever. You’re loved more than you’ll ever know.



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