Silent Explosion

Here’s a little glimpse into the poetry I’ve been trying to compile into one place. I’ve learned that inspiration isn’t something that you can just find or grab, really. I mean, sure, you can go looking for it and spend your time and energy trying to find that thing that pushes you to the next level, but I’ve learned inspiration happens to you. I thought I knew what inspiration was until one day when the real thing slapped me in the face and all I could do was hope I got my ideas written before they dissolved. Here’s a product of that ooey gooey inspiration that really has a good left hook.

I am a silent explosion
of emotions and thoughts
colliding together
to create something new

A mass of inner friction
being pulled to and fro
like a violin’s strings
pressing against the bow

Every day the clock ticks
and without a sound,
I burst into pieces,
fragments of my heart
and shards of my memories
being torn apart

They float lifeless in the air,
the words and the prayers
a tapestry of destruction
cracking each layer

I am a silent explosion
that resets at night

-Celia Glenn


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