Small Moments & Big Talks


Yesterday was a day for small moments and big talks. It all started when a few boys showed up for haircuts. (Let me preface this by saying one day I decided I was good at cutting hair. These boys trust me a lot.) They sat in our bathroom and let me run circles around them, apologizing when I would knick their ears or got hair in their face, and they would ask me questions about relationships and girls and favorite foods and other silly things. Sometimes the questions were hard and sometimes they were easy. They forced me to really think about what I valued, and not just what my favorite fruit was, but what I valued in a relationship and what that means about me and the person I would choose to be with.

The talks continued last night as I sat in my room eating Oreo’s, spinning around in my desk chair, and talking about Jesus with some friends. It’s not that we formally planned out this moment to discuss how the earth was made or to deeply consider what it means for there to be spiritual warfare, but it just kinda happened. There was no debate or argument to win, but just ideas to talk about and questions to ask. This discussion went on and on, and honestly, I was stumped a few times by questions like, “So if Jesus was the human version of God, how did he exist in the beginning with the Father and the Spirit? How was there a trinity before Jesus entered the world?” And I didn’t know.

As the night ticked by, we sat and rifled through the Bible and laughed when we had to take moments of silence so our brains wouldn’t explode. It was overwhelming, but small, and when we decided we couldn’t hold any more big questions in our heads, we put our brains back together and let our ideas find a place to sit overnight.

Last night I learned life is a collection of stories and time in which we get to watch small moments become big ones and the big ones become the small ones. It’s all about watching things change and learning to love the constants that never will. I hope I get to be a part of these small moments more often than not and I hope they involve big dreams and ideas, (and talking about Jesus.)


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