College Snow Days


Last night I learned that snow days are so much better in college. Here in North Carolina, heavy snowfall is a rarity, so when it’s coming down thick, we can expect everything to be cancelled indefinitely. Obviously when I packed up my life and moved into a dorm, I didn’t think to bring sleds. So when we realized Mother Nature was providing the most perfect kind of snow for sledding, we grabbed all the cushions from the couches and headed out like pioneers into the wilderness, trudging through the fresh snow and tripping over ourselves like kids. We got to the top of the best hills and down we went on those little leather squares. We ran around campus, built an Olaf, gave looks of shame to the snow plowers, found a raccoon, ate a bag of Doritos, and finished the night by watching Spy Kids until 4am. It was college done right, people, and it was really exciting.

Last night I learned a few things: 1) When you are about to throw yourself down a steep hill, make sure you hold onto your couch cushion. 2) Everything is so much better when covered in a blanket of snow. And 3) Pick friends who like Spy Kids as much as you do. Because Spy Kids is the best. Obviously.




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