Trail West Bound


Because we’re friends (and friends tell each other things), I thought I’d make a little announcement. A few days ago I got an email saying, “Hey, Celia, it’s Colorado here, and we want ya back!” (at least that’s how I read it). But let me explain.

A month ago I applied to be on Summer Staff at camp for Young Life, which is a student outreach centered around adventure and Jesus (so basically my dreams come true). I had no idea if I’d even be accepted, much less where I would be placed or what job I would work. I was really just hoping they would consider me. I got email after email *basically* saying, “We’re all booked, but we’re sending you onto the next camp!” So I kept waiting. And then BAM! I was offered a job for a month at Trail West, a YoungLife camp in Colorado (yes, I did a bit of a happy dance because Colorado is my heart’s home) and then it only got better. Not only am I going to Colorado for a month, but I’m going as a photographer! You guys, how dang exciting is that!?

The idea of spending a month making friends, hiking mountains, and getting the responsibility of capturing it all makes my heart excited and nervous and anxious and oh my gosh I need to calm down.

I’m doing my absolute best to keep this short, but I’m excited and I figured you should know. That’s it I guess.




2 thoughts on “Trail West Bound

  1. Becky Moncrief

    Celia that is so awesome! I am so proud and happy for you! I know that the Lord gives us the desires of out hearts and I know Jesus has big plans for you! You will b great at the camp! I really am happy for you! I
    I love you,
    Aunt Becky

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