30 Questions College Students Ask Themselves During Exams

Image from nicosmcdonalds.tumblr.com
Image from nicosmcdonalds.tumblr.com

In honor of finals week, here are 30 questions I’ve asked myself during my exams, and probably most of you have too:

  1. Should I make notecards for all these words? ….probably…but I won’t
  2. Is my caffeine intake at a dangerous level?
  3. I probably have time to squeeze in a few episodes of Grey’s Anatomy before tomorrow
  4. Bill Gates dropped out of college…and he turned out fine
  5. Is there gonna be a curve on this?
  6. I don’t even know the answer to question #1. Great.
  7. Is that word an English word?
  8. Will I get partial credit if I answer “all of the above”?
  9. What about “none of the above”?
  10. We had a textbook?
  11. Was this on the study guide?
  12. How many of these questions can I get wrong and still pass?
  13. I should’ve eaten breakfast this morning. Can everybody hear my stomach right now?
  14. I can’t make eye contact with the professor or he’ll know I don’t know the answers
  15. Is she trying to be fashionable during finals?
  16. How many cups of easy mac did I eat last night?
  17. How many cups of easy mac do I have left?
  18. Do I have to answer the question if I don’t understand it?
  19. Can I white-out any questions I don’t want to answer?
  20. What does “cognitive dissonance” mean?
  21. Do I look like a hobo? I thought everybody was gonna be wearing sweatpants…
  22. Who is sneezing so much?
  23. If I can just do better than ten people in this class, I’ll probably be ok
  24. Did somebody turn off the heat in here?
  25. Should I take a nap between now and lunch? Or should I eat lunch first?
  26. Am I the last one to finish this thing?
  27. I thought this was only going to be multiple choice. Did he tell us we were gonna have a short answer section?
  28. Is it too late to drop this class?
  29. What do you mean there ‘might be things on the test not included in this study guide’? What’s the point of the study guide?
  30. If I can just make it through this week, I’ll be free. I can do this. I will survive.

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