Rounding Up Thanksgiving

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Flannel was accidentally the uniform at Thanksgiving this year

I don’t know about you all, but Thanksgiving hit me like a truck. Here I am, absolutely exhausted. I’m pretty sure that if I tried to go Black Friday shopping right now, I wouldn’t have the energy to fight for my life, much less to fight over something like sweaters at one in the morning. Like some of you, my legs are sore from playing football this morning, my pants are still a little stretched from my food baby going into its third trimester, and I think I just found mashed potatoes in my hair. And yet, I couldn’t be more grateful to have spent my day talking smack to the opposing team and fighting across the table to get that last scoop of mashed potatoes, to have lost terribly at every card game we played and to have found myself here, writing to you, with my dog passed out at my side. There are so many traditions associated with this Thursday in particular, but one of them is for people to talk about what they’re grateful for, whether they choose to make a toast down the long family dining table or if they choose to make a toast via their blogs and notebooks. Even though Thanksgiving Day is coming to a close, I figured it would be better late than never to throw out my own toast to you.

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There are so many things I’m grateful for, but I don’t want to go on a long, sappy rant, so I’ll keep things brief.

I’m grateful for you, my great friends who encourage me as a writer, as a person, and as an artist. You’ve been a part of this blog, as well as my other projects, and I couldn’t be more grateful for your comments, feedback, and general encouragement. You inspire me, keep me grounded, and tell me the truth even when it’s tough. It means more than you could ever know and it makes me feel all fuzzy inside to have you and count you as friends.

I’m grateful for my family, my home, and the life I’ve been privileged to have. I’m so blessed to have a family who picks on me, embarrasses me, and makes sure I know I’m loved. I’m grateful for my mom who can’t resist holiday parades and my dad who is always trying to stay true to his Texas roots with his boots and western movie marathons.

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There is so much more I could say and I know this list could go on for an eternity, but I think it’s more important to recognize the simplicity in being thankful, without getting caught up in hitting every detail. I’m thankful for who I am and who I will become, for who I’ve loved and who I will love, and perhaps that does cover every base.

*clink glasses together*


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