Desk Drawers

I’m sitting at my desk, which is probably the best reflection of my mind you could find. It is covered with to-go cups from dinners, filled only with the remnants of sweet tea that I’m sure has become bitter overnight. There are a few small notebooks and sketches, pencils, pens, lists and notes of things I’m supposed to be doing now instead of writing to you, but here I am. My desk is lined with photos of family and inside jokes, as well as spoons I just finished washing. I’m surrounded by small lights and bags of coffee, hair ties, my watch that needs a new battery, sticky notes reminding me my library books are due next week and papers from every class. On top of that stack is a plate with a toasted blueberry bagel (my favorite) because I didn’t get breakfast this morning and found myself running to class with bedhead hair (yikes). Underneath my laptop are the letters I need to respond to and some of the notecards I found in my desk drawer during a sequence of procrastination activities. I can see my list of places to go with Norway and Chile being the most recent additions. There are gold-rimmed sunglasses sitting next to the ping pong ball that somehow ended up here although I’ve never seen it before. Books of poetry from the third floor of the library and my prompts to write my own rhymes. I’m surrounded by the remnants of this past week as well as the reminders of what’s ahead tomorrow and I can’t help but wonder if my desk is a detailed replica of my mind and perhaps I need to organize my thoughts (and my desk drawers.)


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