Two Weeks Later


Tonight I sat down on the weird leather couch in our living room, prepared with my laptop and remaining bag of trail mix in hand, and I asked my 7 roommates what they’ve learned from their first two weeks of college. Here are the results:

  1. Getting any kind of mail is so exciting. This past week I got an email from the post office that I had a package so I ran to the Student Center and got some mystery package from my brother and it was a big bag of Swedish Fish. Even small letters are the best.
  2. Derby Day is the craziest day of the year.
  3. When you see an empty parking spot near your dorm, you go to any length to move your car. Yesterday I walked all the way across campus to move my car back near our dorm on the off-chance that the spot was still available when I eventually got back. It was totally worth it.
  4. Swedish fish are like M&M’s: you can’t have just one. You have to eat the whole bag in fear that if you eat one red fish, the others will feel left out and question why you didn’t pick them. Yes, I did eat a whole bag. No, I don’t regret it.
  5. Screen Shot 2014-09-05 at 6.27.38 PMStealing loose bricks out of the pavement is both really strange and really fun. But be careful, it will trigger a crime wave of brick-stealing and soon there will be more holes than bricks. Be very careful.
  6. Art professors are some of the weirdest people ever.
  7. People actually go on Tinder dates with complete strangers.
  8. “I need to buy a raincoat” (coming from the girl who says she didn’t know wearing raincoats was “a thing”. She’s from Chicago. Does it not rain in Chicago?)
  9. Hoodies without hoods are apparently called “noodies” (That sounds so dumb)
  10. Chacos bring people together. I was talking on the phone yesterday (wearing chacos like every other day) and some random guy just ran up to me, stuck out his foot, screamed “Chaco Buddies!!!”, gave me a high-five and walked away.
  11. Tandem bike-riding is one of the most underrated afternoon activities in existence. Definitely one of this week’s highlights.
  12. Screen Shot 2014-09-05 at 5.58.12 PMIt doesn’t matter what the event is, if there’s free food, you go. Every time.
  13. It’s fun when your neighbors leave their windows open so you can just stop by and steal their snacks. We’re really good friends.
  14. Sunday nights are for Disney movie marathons and ordering pizza with a bunch of people. (Sidenote: Lilo and Stitch is so much better than I remember)
  15. Some of the most meaningful conversations happen at 2am while everybody is trying to brush their teeth and add their opinions at the same time.
  16. Living with 7 girls is a lot more exciting and crazy than I imagined.


The girls of Belk 202



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