All That I Need


I am awfully greedy. I want to have great adventures and still, quiet moments. I want to see evaporating waterfalls, snow-capped mountain ranges, and starry galaxies, as well as tiny paintbrush flowers and the corners of dusty book stores where undiscovered masterpieces lie. I want to enjoy who I am and yet also be someone completely different. I want to drain every ounce of adventure from life, and yet I also want to stay under the covers just a little bit longer. I want to be loved by others and yet I don’t want to care what they think. I want to be a voice for those who can’t speak for themselves and yet I wish for silent space in a room of noise. I want to be committed to someone and yet also free. I want to be selfish and unselfish, an early bird and a night owl. I want to see what lies under the thin layers of skin protecting a ribcage as well as what purpose lies behind a delicately-structured poem. I want to spend evenings with friends, lighting sparklers and celebrating, but I also want to spend them dancing the night away in a room full of strangers. I want to know about the surprise and yet I hope nobody tells me. I want to see things crumble and foundations form. I want to be a student as well as a teacher. I want to be inspired by the quiet space between myself and where I will end up as well as fearful of where that may be. I want to be a part of someone’s life and have moments of absolute loneliness. I want to tell my own story and hear the stories of others. I want to see the places I’ve never known and yet I don’t ever want my life to become something with which I’m unfamiliar. I want to make small changes and yet I want to impact nations. Sometimes I want to be broken and yet I want to be wholly me. Some nights I want to cry and others I can’t imagine being any happier. I want everything from life.

I see now that it is difficult to get everything I want; and yet I feel like I have attracted precisely all that I need. Have you?


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