Field Trip to Another Blog

I don’t usually do this, but I’m gonna send you somewhere else today. We’re gonna take a field trip to another blog. I read this post this morning and felt inspired to share it with you. It’s a letter from a new mom to her future daughter-in-law and, gosh, maybe I’m just some emotional female who needs to stop watching romance films all the time, but I really loved it. So in the firm belief that friends who get emotional together stay together, I’m inviting you to read it too:

After reading this and looking up at the ceiling to draw back those tears that weren’t welling up in my eyes, I can only hope for 3 things: 1) To have a mom-in-law like her one day 2) To meet a guy who has been loved so widely and deeply that he can’t help but share it with others; and 3) To be a daughter-in-law like the one she prays for. (No pressure.)

*Ladies grab a tissue and brace yourselves.*



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