Aiden + Eve

This week I experienced a small piece of magic, a little piece of mystery, and a whole lot of imagination. Let me explain. One of my friends went antiquing here in NC and found a small leather journal filled with polaroids, notes, cards, lists, and maps featuring a love story, one that began in New York, traveled the world, and somehow ended up in our hands.

As soon as she pulled it out of her bag, I was locked in on the journal. It looked so simple but it held so many moments for these two people. As I explored each page, I realized that not only were their names barely mentioned, but their faces are never seen. It’s as if this couple resides in a romance novel- we have to imagine who they are without ever really knowing. With some deep reading, I discovered that this journal covers seven years (2006-2013) and features every moment from their first meeting to their wedding and their extravagant vacations. Aiden, the author of the journal, writes in a way that you can feel his excitement and adoration of this mystery girl, Eve. He unknowingly gives us a glimpse into their story, one that is left in mystery because he didn’t fill in the last 20 pages. By the end of the journal, I wanted to do a lot of research and fit the plot line of so many chick flicks- the ones where they find something amazing and track down its owners. I felt like I was in one of those movies.

I tried to find them, or at least to figure out who they are, but I had no luck. Maybe that’s the best way to know them: as incredible characters without a face and without a name. This journal tells me that 1) There are still grande romances in this modern world. 2) I want to find an Aiden and I want to be his Eve. And 3) Maybe I should go antiquing more often.

I figured that since I can’t do anything with the journal but admire it and fantasize about its authors, I could at least share it with you. Here are all the pages:

PS- Thank you, Sheridan, for sharing this little taste of magic with the rest of us.


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