Pinkies Up

Today I felt like such a classy lady. I was invited to a tea party in celebration of my friend’s birthday. It was very similar to the tea parties I had with my stuffed animals when I was little. Fancy cookies and teas, macaroons and little sandwiches covered the table. The soirée was hosted on her front porch; with a long table similar to the one seen in Alice in Wonderland. Each place setting had a little name card and a different tea set, which I discovered were the party favors. I spent the afternoon dressed up, pretending I’m from a high-society social group that makes occasions like these a regular occurrence. Today was lovely, and in fact, just reminiscing about today’s event has me writing more formally and more delicately than I normally would. I guess that’s just a side effect of pretending to be a classy person for so long- you become temporarily delicate.

And just like the rabbit, I was late for a very important babysitting date with three little boys that same evening. As I yanked off my tight sandals and slouched my posture in my car, I learned that 1) small finger foods can create food babies just as much as a meal from the BBQ place down the road. 2) My blisters and lack of a sunhat proved that I may not be cut out for frequent tea parties. 3) Classy ladies always keep their pinkies up.




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