Your Weekly Roundup

Internships and shoes and portraits oh my! Here’s this week’s roundup of incoming and outgoing projects from the CeliaBee studio:

1) When I posted the portrait of my friend, Taylor (you can find her at last week, I got such a huge response and suggestions for more projects from all of you. I wanted to expand on my ideas and experience with the surrealistic form of portraiture before I started making many commissioned portraits so I began a series of self-portraits that each represent a different season. So far I’ve only completed the winter and the spring pieces, but you get the idea. So over the next few days, I’ll take on the task of finishing the summer and fall versions as well. Wish me luck!



2) Additionally, I’ve received two shoe orders this week, both of which will be a challenge. The first is a Lana Del Rey-inspired pair of Vans. The client wants Lana’s face painted on both shoes….which is a bit intimidating for someone who has only worked with colored pencil portraits… I finished them a few days ago and sent them to Texas the next day.


The second order is from a client who wants Blink 182 converse, which is a step outside of my usual style of painting, but hey, I’m willing to take on the challenge.

3) I just got another shoe order today that will be I Love Lucy sneakers! Stay tuned here at CeliaBee to see the finished piece! I’ll be sure to post them as soon as the paint is dry.

Also, as all these projects have been rolling in, I’ve realized just how creative you all have become. It seems like every time I’m approached about a pair of shoes or a new portrait, I’m being stretched beyond my current ideas and comfort zone of art. You’ve made me a better artist through your ideas and suggestions, so I thank you. You’re more than appreciated.

To see more custom work go to


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