Too Many Art Projects to Count

I have been furiously working here in my workshop. Just between you and me, my workshop is actually my kitchen, but don’t tell anybody. Saying “workshop” sounds much more artsy and professional. I have been sending out projects left and right, trying to keep up with the Etsy, Facebook, and face-to-face orders that have been stacking up around my painting table. Let’s just say, it’s been nuts around here.

Did that draw in your curiosity? If so, I’ll give you a potentially not-so-brief summary about what I’ve been working on. 

1) A Western Carolina Cooler. I knocked this sucker out just last weekend when a woman messaged me and said “hey what would it take to have a fully painted cooler by Valentine’s Day” (which was in seven days) *insert panic face here* I began furiously sketching, trying to match all of her details and ideas with the practicality of painting. It turns out you can tell a lot about a person from their painted cooler. Image

2) A whole stack of painted shoes. There is something very fragile about advertisements and self-promotion. When I have the time, people don’t seem to be bold enough to order shoes and send me ideas, but when I’ve got a laundry list of things to do, the shoe orders come flying in like a drive-thru window. No joke. Happens every time. I love it and I hate it. This go-round, all of my friends have been deciding which college suits their fancy. And to go with all the college gear they’re ordering, naturally they’d want some painted shoes. I mean who wouldn’t?! So I’ve been sending out Clemson, High Point, Chapman, and NC State shoes to what feels like the whole county.




3) A few portraits. Fun fact about me: I LOVE sketching/coloring/painting portraits. I’m not good at painting them but I’m working on it. Ya know, practice makes perfect, or at least pretty. It’s been a combined mission of completing some last art projects for my classes as well as just for kicks and giggles. And especially since my fella got me some fancy shmancy colored pencils, it makes things a lot more fun (I don’t think I’ll ever be able to back to Crayola, as sad as that sounds). So here’s one of the portraits I finished last night.Image

As of this moment, that’s all the projects I have just cleared off my plate. If you’re thinking about having me paint a pair of shoes, a cooler, or your dog for all I know, you’re welcome to visit my Facebook page where you can see all the projects I’ve done and have all your questions answered!



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