We Built a Snow Fortress. Be Jealous.

For those of you who haven’t lived below the Virginia/North Carolina state line, snow here in NC is a rarity. Take the normal hype of an eclipse or some other cosmic wonder and multiply that by 11 and that’s the level of excitement reached. This applies to other southeastern states as well. People spend the whole day documenting snow: in their yards, from their windows, with their kids, by their snowmen, by their trucks, and by their damaged cars or yards from fallen trees. It’s a pretty big thing. So today, as we were hit by a large supply of perfect powder straight from a Chronicles of Narnia book, there was only one possibility on my mind: build a snow fortress.

My friends and I set out on this mission and we weren’t going home until it was complete. Or until dinner was ready. So we went to a soccer field, where the snow hadn’t been touched, and we unfolded our mental blueprints. We spent the whole day rolling snowballs and snow bails (snow mounds the size of hay bails), packing them on top of each other, and strategizing the best way to create this indestructible, melt-proof pile of ice. It was probably the coolest thing we’ve ever done, or at least it was on the list.

Being the only girl involved in this adventure, I was the self-designated photographer, supervisor, and audience member. I felt like today’s pictures were definitely worth sharing. Enjoy.



IMG_0707 IMG_0745


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