Honey, if they’re comfortable…

Yesterday, I made the brave choice to go shopping with my father. He decided that he needed some new clothes and it was my responsibility, as his daughter, to help him avoid impending nerdiness with what he picked out. As most of you thrifters out there know, I headed straight for the clearance racks. This is where I got to meet a fantastic little lady. We were both attempting to find something valuable on the shelves of shoes that lined the store walls when I made the comment to my dad, “These are comfortable, but I don’t know where I’ll wear them”. This is a common problem when I go shopping. The sweet older lady walked by with her teased hair, maroon lipstick, and about four outfits hung on her wrist and said, “Honey, if they’re comfortable, buy ’em,” with a southern twang you might hear from the ladies at your church. It’s very well-known here in the south. I laughed a little and agreed with her, saying she was probably right. She picked up a pair of metallic gold heels and talked about how cute they were, that she had some like them at home, but that she just might have to get these too. I like people like that. I imagined that her husband was probably sitting on a bench at the front of the store, waiting on his sweetheart to finish. From this I learned two things: 1) Sometimes, you just need to buy the shoes and not worry about practicality and 2) Marry someone who will sit at the front of the store and wait for you.


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